Intro to Showers
At Potts we have over 40 years of experience behind us in providing our expert interior design skills to numerous homes in Maidstone, throughout Kent and into the surrounding counties. We work diligently to provide kitchens, bathrooms and interiors of distinction that don’t just possess the aesthetic qualities that you would expect from such high quality fittings, but a level of functionality and reliability that gives you the peace of mind that you have invested your money wisely. One of the more popular fixtures that we sell is showers, and over the years we have provided countless shower rooms and standalone shower fixtures to our many happy clients. In this article we’ll look at a few options available to those of you looking to install a brand new shower or shower room, as well as for those of you who are looking to renovate your old bathroom to something more modern.

Types of Shower

There are countless different options of shower available to you, from simple shower units that attach to baths, to space saving cubicles through to dedicated shower rooms.

Wet RoomWe’re specialists in wet rooms which have become exceptionally popular in recent years. If you’re unaware of how these work; wet rooms essentially provide the same functionality as a normal shower room would, however the option to forgo an enclosure for the shower itself is an option as a wet room is capable of draining water to a specific spot in the room from anywhere. Wet rooms were traditionally used by people with reduced or little mobility as they allow for an individual to use all of the available facilities without the confines of limited space that can come with a fully enclosed shower. Today wet rooms are used by a whole host of people looking for a shower room that affords them a bit more space, and they’re considered to be quite a luxury item.

Much like wet rooms, walk in showers are increasingly popular at the moment, and whilst they don’t afford you the same level of space that a wet room will, they still give you a better sense of space compared to a fully enclosed shower. By providing you with a partial shower enclosure you limit the amount of water that can splash and flow away from the shower into your bathroom, and walk in showers have the option of using either a traditional or low profile shower tray or a wet room style drainage systems. Please be aware that unlike a shower enclosure that comes complete with a door, splashes can still escape the confines of your shower, so it’s important to considering the logistics of a walk in shower, and additional bathroom fittings such as heated flooring may be worth considering.

Traditional enclosed showers complete with doors are still prevalent, but there is currently a focus on low profile shower trays which can be highly beneficial to those with reduced mobility. For everyone else low profile shower trays provide you with a comfortable more luxuriant way to enjoy your shower. Low profile showers are very stylish and can help maintain a minimalist look to your bathroom, and are perfect for those who want a fully enclosed or walk in shower.

Important Features to Consider

For wet rooms and walk in showers in particular; under floor heating is highly recommended. It ensures that your shower room dries out quickly and effectively, reducing the risk of damp, but under floor heating also provides you with an unparalleled sense of comfort and luxury. Considering the choice of either walking out onto a cold floor or a warm one after a nice soothing shower, we know which we would prefer. In addition to under floor heating there are a whole host of options to consider when choosing your bespoke bathroom, such as anti-limescale coatings and materials that can be used in panels and other elements of your shower. It’s also important to consider how your water pressure will affect your shower, and our expert team can assist you with this. Water pressure is something that we know some people overlook, but we know that it’s a vital part of an enjoyable shower, and in instances of inadequate water pressure we can provide you with solutions such as water pumps.

Great Shower Designers and Manufacturers

Shower HeadsWe have partnered ourselves with a number of great bathroom designers and manufacturers who reflect our approach to high quality stylish bathroom fixtures and fittings.

Axor have a great focus on individuality and they have ensured that their bathroom ranges represent this by demonstrating a diversity of individual lifestyles. Their extensive bathroom collections have been created in collaboration with some of the most prominent designers in the world.

Since their inception back in 1952 Bette has become one of the leading manufacturers of enamelled steel bathroom products. They utilise high quality raw materials such as glass, water and steel throughout their product ranges which includes not just shower trays, but also baths and washbasins. Their bathroom ranges embody style and a high standard of design that comes from experience and an in depth understanding of bathroom fixtures.

The Shower Lab have over 60 years of combined specialist experience in producing a wide variety of bathroom fixtures including great frameless shower panels and walk-in showers, shower enclosures, corner enclosures and three sided shower enclosures as well as frameless bath shower screens and shower trays. They combine their wealth of knowledge and understanding with some of the most desirable showering products currently available today to bring you a product of unquestionable style and quality.

Shower HeadsSolidity produce exceptional bespoke bathrooms utilising single pieces of highly durable and stylish materials such as Corian, HI‑MACS and Krion, and by combining their technical and design expertise they are able to produce specialist Solid Surface bathroom products. Solidity truly design and manufacture showers of distinction.

Since 1971 Matki has been producing showers of an exceptionally high quality and have proven time and time again that they are pioneers of innovation and design. Matki’s bathroom ranges utilise only the best materials and are hand-assembled to achieve an unparalleled level of luxury and durability. Their beautiful shower doors, surrounds and shower trays all combine the latest technology with stylish looks, making them highly desirable.

Impey are one of the UK’s leading luxury and disabled wet room specialists and actually pioneered the now popular wet room technology by creating the very first wet room floor former which included a built-in gradient. Whilst used by those with reduced mobility, their wet room designs are considered a luxury item, and by combining design, innovation, their high quality products look at home in even the most prestigious bathrooms.

What We Can Do For You

We’re committed to providing you with a variety of high quality options of stylish modern showers, whether you’re looking for a completely new bathroom or shower room, or just want to update a few fixtures. Bathrooms have such a tactile quality in conjunction with their aesthetic appeal that we recommend coming to our showroom in Maidstone, Kent to see some of the excellent showers that we have on show. We currently have 17 showers on display in our showroom to give you an idea of the kind of styles that you could have in your own home. At Potts we’re specialists in wet rooms and low profile shower trays, so if you want to find out more about these then don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can contact us to discuss your bathroom, kitchen or other interior design needs by sending us an enquiry using the form at the bottom of our bathroom case studies page, by sending an email to [email protected], or by calling us on 01732 848444. If you want to visit the showroom you can locate us using our helpful Find Us page.