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As well as creating a wonderful focal point, freestanding baths give a real freedom of choice. From traditional claw foot or roll top baths, to sleek modern designs, there’s an option out there to suit any style or taste. Better still there’s often much more flexibility when it comes to size, so it’s easier to find a size that suits your personal preferences, and your space. And, of course, a freestanding bath allows the creative freedom for you to place it pretty much wherever you like!

Three great reasons for considering a freestanding bath:

1. Create a unique look

Transform your bathroom from the ordinary to the extraordinary! A freestanding bath creates a fabulous focal point and helps give a feeling of ‘air and space’ to your bathroom.

With so many design choices, there’s likely to be a freestanding bath that reflects your personality, enhances the character of your home and makes your bathroom ‘stand apart’.

2. Luxury and warmth

Freestanding baths are inviting and enticing. The prospect of a lovely long soak is hard to resist especially when many luxury freestanding baths are made of materials that offer superior heat retention, allowing you to enjoy a warm bath even longer! Perfect for relaxation and rejuvenation – ease away the stress in style!!

3. An easy, stylish look to maintain and clean

We think a fabulous freestanding bath sets the tone and style of a bathroom – it says clean, stylish and clutter free and it simply feels ‘natural’ to keep it that way.

Built-in baths can be difficult to clean because they are nestled against three walls and can often have glass doors if fitted with a shower. Freestanding baths tend to be accessible on all sides. Even when placed near a wall or in a corner, there’s no enclosure or frame to interfere with cleaning. What’s more many freestanding baths are made of materials that are easy to clean, resist mould, stains, bacteria, scratching, flaking, and abrasions.

A combination of original craftsmanship and modern technology means that there is more opportunity than ever to make your bathroom, and your freestanding bath your own. Here’s a few of our favourite manufacturers:

Original and classic freestanding baths

The distinctive and individual collection of original and classic freestanding baths from Hurlingham Baths offer timeless and thrilling craftsmanship. With their truly individual approach, they offer a range of special decorative finishes including more than 4,000 paint colours, a choice of genuine leather or fabric, Houlés braiding, real or faux metal leaf gilding and the use of cast iron appliqués. With so many options, there’s every opportunity to create a unique centrepiece for your bathroom.

Modern freestanding baths

If you’re looking for clean modern lines, and soft curvaceous shapes Villeroy & Boch’s range of freestanding baths has a lot to offer. From the stunning oval shape of the AVEO freestanding bath – a design classic – to the sleek, slim lines of the SQUARO EDGE 12.

For the decidedly different, Glass Design Italy’s range of freestanding baths offers a number of unique, distinctive baths. Our particular favourite, is the soft harmonious form of the PARADISO, fittingly described by its manufacturer as a “An ellipse that surrounds the body like a continuous hug for a welcoming and relaxing bath.”

Contemporary and traditional freestanding baths

Using modern methods and materials BC Designs’ range of freestanding baths offer wonderful centrepieces for beautiful modern or traditional bathrooms. From angular, square and ultra-modern designs through to more curvaceous oval boat baths, roll top baths and stand-alone baths there’s something special for every type of bathroom.