Modern Kitchen Island
2016 is here and with it we can all join in a collective attitude of prosperity towards the future. The start of a new year has always been a time to take stock of the past year and look forwards, and for many of thus we see this as a great time to start planning our home renovation work, and when it comes to the home, there’s one room in particular that will really help to increase the value of your home as well as provide you with an excellent space to spend time with friends and family; the kitchen. At Potts we’re committed to ensuring that we provide you with a great range of kitchen fittings and fixtures, many of which are on display in our Maidstone showroom, and while choice is important, we know that for some of you it’s important to have a kitchen that shows everyone how in touch with the latest trends in interior design you are. We’ve scoured the opinions of some of the best interior design experts and put together this article on the kitchen trends we expect to see take off in 2016.

Simplicity and Minimalist Design

Ultra Modern Kitchen
While modern kitchen design has had a long standing preference towards minimalist design, we expect this trend to continue, but with the focus being more on simplicity through the use of more technology, rather than ultra modern minimalism that we have seen in the past. One of the current trends that looks set to gain traction is the use of porcelain and other such materials to craft thin counter tops, giving your overall kitchen space cleaner lines. While we can’t ignore the advances of technology in all aspects of our life, we predict that the old rule of less is more will apply when it comes to kitchen appliances. This means that whilst the modern kitchen in 2016 won’t necessarily have fewer appliances, there is a growing trend towards smarter devices that do more and take up far less space. Technology ends to move towards a reduction of the amount of space it takes up, and while in terms of kitchen fittings this is limited by mechanical components and of course the amount desired capacity of devices like ovens. However there are some ovens that combine microwaves and traditional gas/electric ovens, which are worth considering if you’re aiming for a trendier more simplistic kitchen in 2016.

Smart Kitchen Fixtures

Space Maximising Kitchen Design
There’s set to be a further revolution in the way that traditional fixtures are designed and installed in 2016, once again with a focus on making the best use of space available. There’s currently a move towards transforming units that can include everything (yes, even the kitchen sink) from a more traditional kitchen, but have the ability to collapse it down and create an additional work surface. There is currently a growing popularity in transforming taps that can be utilised in these types of units which can be extended to suit whatever length is necessary without taking up permanent space. As always in this modern age having an appropriate amount of outlets is vital as more and more of us carry around a variety of smart phones, smart watches and other devices, this has never been more important, and with options for traditional 3 pin plug sockets and USB ports that can be hidden away in work tops and drawers for convenient use that doesn’t take away from the clean look of your kitchen.

Colour and Metal

There’s a clear shift towards contrasting vibrant colours with more traditional light and darker shades in the modern kitchen of 2016, so try to coordinate your colours much in the same way that you would an outfit for a night out. You want colours to contrast to make them stand out, but not so much that they clash. While brushed metals such as stainless steel have been a mainstay of modern kitchen design for a number of years now, it looks like metals such gold, copper and brass will becoming more popular in 2016, but mainly in their use to highlight or accent fittings and fixtures, rather than being used as a predominant material.

Spacious Kitchens

Thin Kitchen Worktops
While space is often at a luxury, the trendy kitchen in 2016 will really want to emphasise a sense of space, and while this might not be possible with older fittings and fixtures, with a modern design that utilises a few of the newest interior design achievements that we’ve already listed, a kitchen that makes better use of space can be achieved. Ultimately a more open plan look is key to achieving this look and this can be achieved by utilising some of the following fixtures

  • Breakfast bars can provide a way to maximise space but still maintain functionality in your kitchen.
  • Islands are very popular, and depending on the type of design that you want to pursue can house your hob, sink or both to allow you to be sociable while preparing meals.
  • Better storage options is definitely key, and with an expertly design modern kitchen this can be achieved utilising some of the transforming fixtures we’ve covered.

Mix Old and New to look Modern

Traditional Modern Kitchen
Whilst modern kitchens in 2016 are bringing with them some truly innovative ideas, there’s a noticeable stylistic leaning towards more traditional elements in the modern kitchen that involves adding little touches of the traditional to more modern designs that means that trendy kitchens will be more stylish if they ease back on the ultra modern aesthetic. This can be achieved through combining elements such as traditional wooden country flavours with more modern high gloss and brushed steel finishes achieving a more unique look to your kitchen in 2016 that will really make your kitchen stand out.

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