Choosing a layout doesn’t have to be as stressful as it can be. With some sensible planning, a well thought-out and functional kitchen design can be easily achieved. We look at the most common layouts that you can expect to see in almost any Great British home.



The one wall kitchen is a classic and simple design that is most commonly seen in small kitchen rooms or generally small apartments. They can, however, be seen in large kitchens too where space has been made a priority. The original term for the one-wall kitchen was ‘Pullman’ but as times change, various other descriptions have appeared and you may also be familiar with the ‘linear’ kitchen which is just another term.

If you’re looking to save space, and economise on what space you already have, the one-wall kitchen design might be best for you.



The classic L-shaped kitchen is probably the most common design you will find. It’s such a versatile design that you will see it in the full range of kitchen sizes, from tiny to humongous. The classic L offers the convenience of allowing you to make use of corner spaces, pivot to alternative work spaces when cooking and offering an aesthetically pleasing way to dress you walls. The additional cabinet space can often leave you room to integrate appliances such as fridge-freezers, meaning they don’t have to stand alone taking up space elsewhere.

If you are looking for a versatile, compact and convenient kitchen design, the L-shaped kitchen could be just for you.


U-shaped Kitchen

This kitchen is the kitchen you get when you are serious about cooking. With 3 walls covered in cabinets and worktops you are certain to have plenty of space for even the most demanding of home dining experiences. Similar to the galley kitchen design, it allows the use of multiple worktops which aid in efficient work flow, without worrying about the clutter, except this has the added benefit of the end wall being utilised also. It is the kitchen design that most would aspire but can be very expensive as you would need to purchase many more cabinets and more worktop space.

If you are after one of the ultimate in kitchen designs, and are a keen cook with a busy family, the U-shaped kitchen could be just for you.